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Read IWYTFTP on Comic Chameleon! Coming Soon: Honey Crab!!

Season 1 Finale

April 14th, 2015

NOTE: Here’s a heads-up that’s come to my attention! If the newest page cuts off at the elevator scene for you, that means you’ve got the website’s old stylesheet cached. Depending on what browser you’re using, you should hit shift-F5 or ctrl-F5 to do a full refresh! Sorry about that!

Thanks for reading!

So that’s just about all the IWYTFTP I’ve got in me for now, but I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming project, Honey Crab. It’s going to take some time to be ready to launch– a fair bit of coding, composition, and planning lies ahead– but I’m aiming to have it ready to go the end of summer, and it’s gonna be something super unique!


March 5th, 2015

Hey readers! Just a quick update– I’m currently aiming for March 31st as the date to post the finale page, although I’m still a li’l uncertain as to whether I’ll make it under that deadline. This thing is big!

The tough part about a work of this size is that it’s really difficult to gauge the amount of time it’ll take. The workload has a different viscosity to it than a series of individual pages. Fortunately, though, now that I’m most of the way through it, it’s a lot easier for me to estimate how much time I’ll need to finish the remainder (several dozen hours as it stands right now).

Thanks for being patient!

UPDATE: Ouch! A necessary rewrite and some sleep schedule difficulties have forced me to bump the date a little bit. Right now I’m aiming for basic completion of the page on April 7th, and allowing myself one week for a final pass over the whole thing, for an expected date of April 14th (or sooner). I swear we’re getting close!

January 26th, 2014

You might have noticed a change to the tip jar link on the top right. IWYTFTP now has an ongoing Patreon campaign.

Patreon is a bit like an ongoing, highly-scalable version of Kickstarter. Backers can pledge to donate to creators at a set rate, and receive rewards not only for their individual support, but for milestones collectively reached by all backers of that creator.

What this means is that instead of fundraising a large singular amount for a specific project the way you would with a Kickstarter, it’s possible for creators (like me!) to accept smaller amounts on an ongoing basis, and respond proportionately and continuously with flexible rewards! It’s also possible for backers (like you!) to opt in or out at any time, and budget themselves to avoid spending more than they’re comfortable with.

The campaign for IWYTFTP is monthly. You can donate any amount at all per month of comics- even just a few cents! But the first 50 backers to pledge their support at $1 a month will receive a personal signed piece of character art from me. Meanwhile, the first 15 to pledge $5 a month will receive a signed colour piece! Either way, it’s an exclusive piece of memorabilia, sent from me to you using real life mail!

Additionally, there are a few long-term rewards for cumulative milestones:

$75 per month: Ads will be removed from the IWYTFTP website
$150 per month: A quarterly wallpaper will be sent to all backers
$1000 per month: An additional page of IWYTFTP will be posted every month

And I’ll be adding more milestones and rewards if and when we happen to blow through these, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been following and sharing the comic so far. Even if you can’t chip in, please be sure to send a link your friends’ way!

May 5th, 2013

Fans of legendary webcomic Jerkcity may want to check out my recently-published submission to Jerkcity HD, an ongoing fan initiative to recreate classic Jerkcity strips using all-new artwork.

NOTE: Jerkcity’s signature style is RUDE and CRUDE, even moreso than the rudest and crudest of my own comics! If you’re planning to browse, steel yourself for dicks.

March 25th, 2013

Those who use the Tipjar should be receiving an automated email from the site immediately after donating. This is a little tricky for me to test, but it appears that these emails have not been sent properly, so for the time being I’ve manually sent out emails to all those who donated. Apologies for the delay.

Update: The problem appears to be fixed. Knock on all of the wood.

March 23rd, 2013

People in comics commonly tell you not to redraw. In almost every respect, including any tangible measure, they’re absolutely right. It’s true that it doesn’t provide a good return on the investment. It’s true that it sucks up a tremendous amount of time and energy. It’s true that readerships would usually rather see high-quality new content than see old content brought up to similar quality. I honestly can’t dispute any of this. And that’s why midway through the process, I had some strong doubts and anxieties as to why I was bothering at all.

But when I got to the point of completion, began uploading the new pages to replace the old, and compared the difference all over again… it was ridiculously satisfying. To me, all the sensible reasons not to redraw just don’t stack up to how good it feels to have done so. If this was a mistake, it’s a mistake that has made me much happier with my work.

Of course, there’s still a distinct gradient of quality that has occurred even during the redraw. I’ve still gone through phases in the process, flirted and broken up with visual elements like euclidean perspective and one-layer painting. The old page 1 was weaker than the old page 50, and that’s still true with their new counterparts. But this time it’s a page 1 that I don’t feel anxious or embarrassed about sending new visitors to. When you’re in it for yourself (and that’s always the case when you’re making comics without a fixed paycheque in return), that peace of mind counts for a lot.

So what’s different? Well, page titles are no longer present (they stopped making sense for the format very early on). Pages are now a consistent size (this is much more workflow-friendly and I don’t believe that it has damaged the way the comic reads). Some dialogue may be tweaked, and a new gag or two may have been added. Pages with alternate art styles are less common (I disliked most instances of this in retrospect for various reasons), although there’s a good chance I will retain them specifically for sequences involving the Colonel. Most significantly, Shadow’s outfit at the Hi-Volt has changed colour from grey/red to orange/yellow.

With that in mind, let me stress that I will not be going full George Lucas here; I won’t cut readers off from the original versions. I’ve prepared a zip file containing the original archive, if for any reason it interests you.

I hope readers will forgive me for indulging my neuroses over the past [no, I don't actually want to think about how much time this took]. I am very excited to be moving forward with the story once more, and I hope you’ll check in on a regular basis.