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January 26th, 2014

You might have noticed a change to the tip jar link on the top right. IWYTFTP now has an ongoing Patreon campaign.

Patreon is a bit like an ongoing, highly-scalable version of Kickstarter. Backers can pledge to donate to creators at a set rate, and receive rewards not only for their individual support, but for milestones collectively reached by all backers of that creator.

What this means is that instead of fundraising a large singular amount for a specific project the way you would with a Kickstarter, it’s possible for creators (like me!) to accept smaller amounts on an ongoing basis, and respond proportionately and continuously with flexible rewards! It’s also possible for backers (like you!) to opt in or out at any time, and budget themselves to avoid spending more than they’re comfortable with.

The campaign for IWYTFTP is monthly. You can donate any amount at all per month of comics- even just a few cents! But the first 50 backers to pledge their support at $1 a month will receive a personal signed piece of character art from me. Meanwhile, the first 15 to pledge $5 a month will receive a signed colour piece! Either way, it’s an exclusive piece of memorabilia, sent from me to you using real life mail!

Additionally, there are a few long-term rewards for cumulative milestones:

$75 per month: Ads will be removed from the IWYTFTP website
$150 per month: A quarterly wallpaper will be sent to all backers
$1000 per month: An additional page of IWYTFTP will be posted every month

And I’ll be adding more milestones and rewards if and when we happen to blow through these, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been following and sharing the comic so far. Even if you can’t chip in, please be sure to send a link your friends’ way!


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