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Read IWYTFTP on Comic Chameleon! Coming Soon: Honey Crab!!

One Hundred Sixty Nine

December 7th, 2014

This page comes with some news!

Having taken stock of what’s still to come, I’ve decided that the remainder of this phase of IWYTFTP is going to be delivered best all at once. As such, I’ll be breaking the weekly schedule to put together a page that’s much, much longer than normal, capping off what I suppose I’ll call “Season One” of the comic. It’s pretty tough to estimate how long this will take, but I’m going to tentatively set January as a general goal for completion. It’s been a long time since I busted out the infinite canvas for a comic page, and I’m nervous yet excited at the prospect.

This gap in updates also means I’ll be “freezing” the Patreon for now. Further payments won’t be processed for the time being, although I will attempt to take care of the backlog of rewards for those who have supported it thus far. I’m extremely thankful to all backers for their support and their patience.

On the agenda for springtime 2015 is a brand new project I’ve had brewing for some time. The title of this new comic is Honey Crab, and the format will be quite different from IWYTFTP! For instance, it has a short name. I’m really looking forward to it and frankly it’s difficult not to spill all the details RIGHT NOW

Thanks for being a reader!