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Read IWYTFTP on Comic Chameleon! Coming Soon: Honey Crab!!

March 5th, 2015

Hey readers! Just a quick update– I’m currently aiming for March 31st as the date to post the finale page, although I’m still a li’l uncertain as to whether I’ll make it under that deadline. This thing is big!

The tough part about a work of this size is that it’s really difficult to gauge the amount of time it’ll take. The workload has a different viscosity to it than a series of individual pages. Fortunately, though, now that I’m most of the way through it, it’s a lot easier for me to estimate how much time I’ll need to finish the remainder (several dozen hours as it stands right now).

Thanks for being patient!

UPDATE: Ouch! A necessary rewrite and some sleep schedule difficulties have forced me to bump the date a little bit. Right now I’m aiming for basic completion of the page on April 7th, and allowing myself one week for a final pass over the whole thing, for an expected date of April 14th (or sooner). I swear we’re getting close!