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I Want You to Feel the Pressure is the story of a young black ops soldier and her best friends, punching their way through down-to-Earth relationship troubles and action-packed espionage affairs alike.

Patricia “Shadow” Foxworth

Recommended for stealth and wetwork by her superiors due to her difficulty with diplomacy and general social interaction, Patricia maintains a tight circle of trust. She prefers evenings at home, a rigorous gym schedule, and an indulgent-but-not-too-indulgent meal plan. Like Judith Butler she is a firm gender constructivist, and like Henry Jones Junior she borrowed her nickname from a dog.

Lily “Lily Rocketfists” Roquefort

A dangerous woman with a fashion agenda. Lily has lofty ambitions of bending the world to her stylish whims, but these goals are hampered by her frequent claims of dressmaker’s block, and her complacent reliance on Shadow for financial support. Lily’s name is the only accidental and unintended video game reference in the entire story.

Pete “Metro Pete” MacDougall

Pete is a mechanical aficionado who has spent years wrestling his affections for Shadow into something that he can tell himself is platonic. He may shift from ruthless Baldwinish confidence to uncertain Allenesque nattering based solely on her presence in the room. Pete is a reasonably skilled dancer.

The Colonel

The legendary soldier, in the flesh. Posts on twitter dot com.

Corinne “Discophone” Boutelievre

A young up and coming Parisian DJ whose star is on a speedy rise. Has still not entirely forgotten the little people. Completely girl-crazy.

Geoff Dick

Once threw a frisbee through a stranger’s window.